The 'Chic in Full Bloom' collection is a stunning brooche series that blends vintage charm with modern elegance. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, showcasing intricate embroidery, antique beads, and luxurious materials. From delicate flowers to captivating portraits, these brooches are designed to be unique statement accessories that elevate any outfit.

Currently, only brooches №3 and №4 are available for purchase, as brooches №1 and №2 are being prepared for the Milano Jewellery Week publication and will be available a little later.

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Upcoming Collection: Brooches for "Jewelry Drops" at Milano Jewelry Week

I am thrilled to share that I am working on a new collection of brooches. Two will be featured in the "Jewelry Drops" editorial project at the prestigious Milano Jewelry Week in October this year.

Milano Jewelry Week is a renowned event celebrating creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation in the jewelry industry, making it the perfect platform to debut my work.

Stay tuned!
 ✁ Irena



The handbags "Silver - Orchid" and "Beige - Yucca" from the project "Sacred Language of Botanical Enchantment" are available for purchase.


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Exquisite Treasures: Limited Edition Antique and Vintage Material Sets for Embroidery


Indulge your passion for embroidery with antique materials in my online Tools&Supplies store, where the past meets the present.


Sometimes I create limited-edition antique and vintage material sets, which I have collected for over 25 years worldwide. Explore the extraordinary textures, colours, and stories captured within each unique material, and embark on a creative journey. Discover the joy of creating truly one-of-a-kind embroidery projects that pay homage to the past while leaving an impression in the present.


Visit my online Tools&Supplies store today and unlock the secrets of embroidery's timeless charm.


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My works

I have a considerable work experience in hand embroidery. In my work gallery, there is only part of the pieces I made during my working life. Older works can be seen on my Pinterest archive desk, where I'm adding pictures regularly.

After launching a new collection, I'll add it to WORK GALLERY and SHOP ONLINE pages.


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I have many masterclasses and courses on embroidery. From time to time, I create new ones. All of them are in the online format, and you can start your training right now.


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I visit various exhibitions and museums related to fashion and embroidery as much as possible. So much inspiration can be found in historical works and legendary fashion designers! In my blog, I share photos of these events and my embroidery processes.


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