Purse "Protea"/June 2020

Purse "Herons"/May 2020

"Bouquet"/March 2020

Purse/January 2020

Earrings/August 2019

"Illusion"/July 2019

"Bicycle"/April 2019

Brooch "Maija"/ March 2019

Handbag "Garden of black butterflies"/February 2019

Handbag "Chocolate thistle"/ January 2019

"Made in Paris 2"/December 2018

"Back to the Future"/September 2018

Necklace "Strawberry field"/June 2018

Summer Cloth Bags/May'2018

"My Butterfly"/March'2018

"Made in Paris"/November'2017

Purse "Eagles"/October'2017

"Magic Beauties from Florence"/August'2017

Necklace "Golden Queen"/July'2017



Necklace "Savannah Princess"/January'17



"Velvet things"/September'16