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You are welcome tom my new course!



In this masterclass you will learn how to create a small embroidered wallet/pendant for various little things. Using the example of one wallet, you can create other options to your liking. Get acquainted with a new type of transferring a pattern to organza. In these lessons, I will show the whole process of embroidering and assembling a wallet with a zipper. The bonus tutorial will teach you how to make a snap closure. You will have access to the content for 90 days.

My works

I have a considerable work experience in hand embroidery. In my work gallery, there is only part of the pieces I made during my working life. Older works can be seen on my Pinterest archive desk, where I'm adding pictures regularly.

After launching a new collection, I'll add it to WORK GALLERY and SHOP ONLINE pages.


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I have many masterclasses and courses on embroidery. From time to time, I create new ones. All of them are in the online format, and you can start your training right now.


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I visit various exhibitions and museums related to fashion and embroidery as much as possible. So much inspiration can be found in historical works and legendary fashion designers! In my blog, I share photos of these events and my embroidery processes.


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