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The White handbag "Lily of the Valley" was sold at auction and will soon go to its happy owner. The pictures of the handbag you can find in the Work Gallery.
What's next? As you may have already noticed, the embroidery of the silver orchid has stopped at this moment. To be more precise, the embroidery is complete, but I haven't sewn the bag yet. I had to pause this process and set it aside until I'll find a suitable material with the silver shade I needed. It turned out to be a big challenge. Once it's happened, I'll be able to finish this handbag.
Now I'm moving on to the next part of the current project, 'The Sacred Language of Botanical Enchantment', this time without riddles and long intrigues.
The colour is beige, and the plant is yucca. The characteristics that unite them are dependability, flexibility, resilience, strength, and bloom.
I plan to document this work's creation in a series called 'Behind the Scenes' entirely. Subscribe on my Boosty not to miss anything and witness the birth of my new creation.



"The Sacred Language of Botanical Enchantment"

"The Sacred Language of Botanical Enchantment" the new project I am currently working on, has been meticulously thought out and will require significant time to bring to life. The concept of this project is to combine the meanings and energy of colours with the symbolism and properties of plants. In addition, I plan to use only antique and vintage materials for embroidery, which also carry multiple meanings. Each colour (there will be six) represents a different aspect of the human experience, and vintage materials give the embroidery a sense of nostalgia and timelessness. Besides, the art of embroidery used in the project will add further power, as it is a meditative process and a collection of embroidery techniques.
I have carefully chosen one plant or flower to embody the characteristics of each colour.
There is no better piece to realise and demonstrate my idea than a handbag. Six base colours, six plants, six handbags.
I won't reveal everything about the specific plants and handbags just yet. It will all be revealed gradually. Follow me on my Instagram, where I will post updates about this project's progress. On BOOSTY, I will occasionally share behind-the-scenes videos selectively. Perhaps I will film the entire process of creating one of the handbags and publish it just like the previous series "Behind the Scenes." All video materials are paid content.
❗️The first video is already available for purchase, "Behind the Scenes/2"
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I visit various exhibitions and museums related to fashion and embroidery as much as possible. So much inspiration can be found in historical works and legendary fashion designers! In my blog, I share photos of these events and my embroidery processes.


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