Set of pearls

Set of vintage pearls in different sizes and pearl colour shades.

This is a vintage item, so some pearls could be with lost coating.

You will get all the pearls seen in the picture.

It's about 180g. Pearl sizes are from 3 to 12mm.

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Rare antique beads

Set of rare antique beads in five bright colours. Green, yellow, orange, fuchsia, dark red. They are not calibrated beads; each is a different shape, about 3mm in diameter, with a pretty big hole.

Glass bottles are included in the set. One bottle size is 2.5mm diam., 4cm high.


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Set of embroidery materials/Gold Cream

Set includes:

  1. Blown glass beads have an oval shape with some texture on the top. One strand with about 29 pcs.;
  2. Short tube beads in the cream colour. One bead size 1.5x2.5mm. Three strands, each 50cm long.
  3. Swarovski sew-on crystals, 2 pcs., size 10mm;
  4. Soutache 4mm width, 1m;
  5. One strand of sequins 3mm, gold matt cups.

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Set of blown glass beads/Gold

Set of blown glass beads in yellow and rose gold colours includes:

  1. One strand satin texture/elongated. One piece size 2,5x6mm;
  2. One strand matte/elongated. One piece size 2x6mm;
  3. One strand matte/elongated tiny. One piece size 1x5mm;
  4. One strand matte/round and flat. One piece size 4x2mm;
  5. Round and flat shiny 20pcs. One piece size 6x3mm;

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Material set for masterclass "Dove & Rose"

 Masterclass "Dove and Rose" Brooch for a Young Lady

All necessary materials for making this brooch are packaged in separate packets according to the lessons.

Tools are not included except for one beading needle size 15, which is necessary for sewing on antique beads due to their tiny holes.

  1. For Part 1: Printed design on the paper, linen and organza; Hand dyed organza for the rose; Antique soutache; Antique bugle and tube beads; Fil a Gant cotton thread №120 (beige).
  2. For Part 2: Vintage Cotton Perle №5; Gold metallic thread.
  3. For Part 3: Silver metallic thread; Kid Mohair; Fil a Gant cotton thread №120 (white); Stranded bugle beads; mix of round and bugle beads; antique sew-on crystals.
  4. For Part 4/1: Stranded round microbeads; Fil a Gant cotton thread №120 (light blue and red); mix of 3mm sequins; Tiny black crystal for the Dove eye; Black silk floss.
  5. For part 4/2: Paper-based double-sided adhesive web; Stretch velvet fabric; Thick interlining for volume; 'Decovil' stabiliser for the base; Cardboard; Brooch pin; Silk floss.


Material kit for masterclass "Dove & Rose"

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Set of embroidery materials/Lilac

Set includes:

  1. 12/0 3-Cut Glass beads (very shiny) - 1 thread is about 55cm long/4 threads;
  2. 10/0 Bugle beads, pre-strung - 1 thread is about 80cm long/2 threads;
  3. 11/0 Bugle beads satin coating, pre-strung - 1 thread is about 50cm long/ 2 threads;
  4. Ancient glass beads have different shapes - from 3 to 5 mm diam./ 20 pcs.;
  5. Czech lampwork flower petal, vintage - 2 cm diam./ 4 pcs.;
  6. Flat sequins: • 3 mm/1 thread/soft pink, glossy; • 4mm/1 thread/violet, glossy transparent;
  7. Large-size tube beads in green colour with tiny black stripes - 2 x 25mm/ 10 pcs.;
  8. Antique crystals in a metal frame with four loops for sew-on - 3mm diam./ 10 pcs.;
  9. Antique cotton thread - 1 bobin;
  10. 11/0 3-Cut Glass beads - 1 thread is about 50cm long/ 2 threads;
  11. 11/0 Round seed beads, pre-strung - 1 thread is about 50cm long/ 1 thread.

Piece of organza with a lilac pattern for embroidery as a gift!


 Link to the VIDEO


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Set of embroidery materials/Royal blue -Gold


  1. Vintage velvet ribbon/rayon - 2,3 x 100cm.
  2. Satin bugle beads  pre-strung/Vintage - 4 threads, size 13/0.
  3. Satin tube beads/Vintage - 10g, size 2x6mm.
  4. Metallic, gold color, easy to bend, with leaves shapes  - 1x17cm.
  5. Vintage transparent drops with one hole/Glass  - 20pc.
  6. Vintage transparent rings/Glass - 20pc.

Dimensions see on photos.

More than one set is available.

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B&W Portrait


Applique embroidery tutorial with kit and pattern


The applique is embroidered with a luneville hook.

Materials for creating one applique.


Base - 100% silk organza;

Thread - Madeira 120/Black/White;

Micro seed beads №16/Black/White;

Black sequins 4mm;

Swarovski pearl;

Paper-based adhesive web;

Photo instruction and printed pattern in original size.



Embroidery hoop, luneville hook, needle, scissors, applique sample, T-shirt.


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