I am Irena Gasha, fashion designer from Latvia. Now I was especially focused on hand embroidered jewelry and accessories.


   Since childhood, I have always been surrounded by a lot of beautiful hand made masterpieces, so the choice of business was clear.


    In 1989 I graduated the Art School of Applied Arts in Riga. Then I was studied at the University of Latvia at the Department of Fine Arts, but the main school, which finally determined my love for hand embroidery, was Ecole Lesage in Paris - the best school in the world in the field of Haute Couture.

At the same time I created a collections of clothes and participated in numerous fashion shows and competitions. One of them was the contest "Russian Silhouette"/Moscow 2004, where I won the divided first place. The prize was practice at fashion house "Escada" in Munich. In 2010 I presented my hand embroidered jewelry at the exhibition "Rooms" in Tokyo.


   Many years of experience and education allows me to do beautiful things. My inspiration is everywhere around me - the nature, the history of world art, music, cinematography and books.


   In my job I am using different techniques of embroidery,  constantly trying to come up with something new and to experiment with different materials. All my works are exclusive and unique, a single original.  A lot of work and love is invested into them.