It is a great place to see my students' works made in the courses and by themselves. If you are my student, please get in touch with me to become a co-author of the Pinterest board.

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Embroidery on tulle

After my first online course, "Basics of embroidery on tulle with Luneville hook", students created collars with their own designs. Enjoy the beautiful  works they made.

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Course "The birds of Pennsylvania"

The inspiration for this course I got from frakturs - colourful documents made by Pennsylvania Germans who lived in rural parts of southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding region during the 1700s and 1800s.

I showed my students how to use ancient artworks to create their designs.

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My name is Elena Kuzmina.

I’m from Moscow, Russia.

I’m a big fan of jewelry and accessories and I’ve been creating them since 2012. At first there were simple jewelry made of natural stone beads. And in 2017, I got acquainted with hand embroidery and beading, and my creative activity took on a new meaning.

A little later, I first saw Irena's amazing artwork jewelry and learned about Luneville embroidery. At that time, I could not even imagine that I would have the opportunity to learn from such a great Master.

I love embroidery and beading. I am constantly experimenting with new materials and color combinations. I love bright colors and contrasting combinations. I constantly continue to grow in creativity, learn new techniques, drawing and design.

I am very happy to share the results of my creative career with connoisseurs of handmade and original jewelry.

Instagram @elenjann

Greetings! I would like to tell about myself so we could have chance to know each other!

My name is Kristine - I am 45, wife and mother of three. I was born in Saint Petersburg, but as long as I can remember myself I am living in Latvia. I enjoy traveling, nature and music - it is where I gain my inspiration from.

My artist career started in 2008 and in 2016 I was introduced to Haute Couture embroidery.

2019 was a real breakthrough in my embroider career. Creative collaboration allowed me to reach a new level of activity. At the moment, I successfully collaborate with designers working in the fashion industry. Also in 2019, my embroidery works took part in the Riga Fashion Week Fashion Show and I became the finalist of the Greenbird winter contest.

I am studying and without doubt I will continue studying from the best artists to bring to life my creativity and fulfill the world with colors.

I will be highly glad to share with you my world of creativity.

Instagram @kristine_gredzena


My name is Ligita Liberte Jegorova.

I am an artist from Latvia.

My inspiration comes from all the textures, colors and substances... organic, industrial, modern and ancient... but most of all from the endless possibilities of creating with these tiny glass beads.

What began as a leisurely pastime, has now become my main occupation.

I keep on learning new embroidery techniques. During the past two years I have studied the Luneville embroidery and design with the master Irena Gasha. I really admire her work, she is an authority for me. She helps me to realize my ideas. Her advice and practices are invaluable to me.

I wish you all - learn from the best!

Instagram @ligitaliberte


My name is Ekaterina Luchyts.

I am an embroideress from Belarus.

I started learning the art of embroidery in 2011. Since embroidery has become an important part of my life. Nature, architecture, visual and applied arts, as well as the work of embroiderers and lace makers of past centuries inspire me to work.

I am constantly learning new techniques and improving my skills.

And I am happy that Irena Gasha has become my teacher and guide to the world of couture embroidery. With Irena Gasha I intend to continue my studies. It is necessary to learn from the best!

I invite you to get acquainted with my works.

I would be glad to see you in my shop. I hope you enjoy.

Instagram @triniti_fay